Trump to white supremacists: ‘Stand back and stand by’

Last night’s debate left us clear with one thing: Trump is the wrong choice for the United States, a diverse nation of immigrants.


Trump told white supremacists to “stand back and STAND BY,” when he was asked to denounce white supremacy. All night he mocked Black and brown people and laughed in the face of those who pay taxes and follow the rules and are poor.


Reality is: none of this is new information. We have always known that Trump does not represent us. What last night’s debacle should tell us is that we need to move. We need to inspire voters to cast their ballot. We need to encourage friends and family to vote. But to win we need you. Will you sign up to speak to your friends and family about voting?

Your personal network is a powerful tool that can make the difference in November. When you sign up, you will go through CASA in Action’s training on a texting platform that’s quick, easy, and effective. Tell everyone — your friends, family, SO, frenemies — that we have everything on the line in November.