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122,000 members mobilizing millions of voters to elect progressive leaders supporting immigrants and communities of color


Fighting for a robust economy and good-paying jobs with benefits


Advocating for quality and affordable education


Championing for affordable and accessible health care.


Leading immigration reform that protects DREAMers and TPS holders

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Midterm Election Victories


CASA in Action’s board votes to endorse candidates who reflect our top priorities by promising to pass progressive policies that will benefit immigrant and working families. We endorse America’s tomorrow.

2022 Election Victories

  • Josh Shapiro Pennsylvania
  • Austin Davis Pennsylvania
  • Abigail Spanberger Virginia
  • Wes Moore Maryland
  • Aruna Miller Maryland
  • John Fetterman Pennsylvania
  • Steuart Pittman Maryland
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The state legislature, county councils, and school boards drive home policies that could make or break immigrant, Latinx, and Black families. Keeping these seats progressive in a state like Maryland means a brighter future for all.

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