CASA in Action Endorses Natali Fani González for Montgomery County Council

June 30, 2021, Maryland — Latino and immigrant electoral powerhouse CASA in Action is thrilled to announce its endorsement of Natali Fani González for Montgomery County Council District 4. An extraordinary woman and a daughter of immigrants, Natali is exactly the type of committed progressive change leader who can produce real results that our members seek.

“Natali Fani González’s experience working with community groups, labor unions, and most recently at the Planning Board illustrates her proven track record serving the communities that need the most attention. She knows that climate and jobs are inextricably linked to health and prosperity. She will pack a real punch in the Montgomery County Council,” said Gustavo Torres, CASA in Action board president.

“As an immigrant who arrived to this nation as a teenager with nothing more than the hope of reaching my dreams, earning the CASA in Action endorsement reflects my firm commitment to achieve social, economic and environmental justice for every resident in our community,” said Natali Fani González. “Most of us believe that for democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all. That’s why I am joining together with CASA in Action and people from all walks of life to achieve a vibrant Montgomery County for all.”

As Maryland enters a pivotal election year, star candidates like Natali Fani González are among the first candidates CASA in Action is thrilled to unite behind. She truly represents the face of a new Maryland.


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