CASA in Action Issues Critical Statement Ahead of the State of The Union Address: A Call for Presidential Action on Immigration, Democracy, and the American Dream

Media Contact: Chanea Davis, [email protected], 301-717-4492

WASHINGTON, DC – Ahead of the State of the Union address, William Renderos, Director of Electoral Programs for the Black, Latine, Immigrant, and Indigenous community’s electoral mobilization organization CASA in Action, has issued the following statement.

“As the American electorate increasingly focuses on immigration, this moment presents a crucial opportunity for the president to deliver a compelling closing argument on the national stage. It’s a chance to boldly remind the public of the progress made despite the previous administration’s divisive policies, which separated children from their mothers and threatened Dreamers and hardworking immigrants with deportation.

President Biden and his administration have already made contributions, but there’s more work to be done in restoring and rebuilding America’s immigration system. The President must convey that he is committed to utilizing the tools at his disposal – such as TPS designations and parole – despite the manner in which Congress’ hyperpartisanship hinders progress.  Advancing a narrative that solely deforms our asylum system will not be compelling to the Black and brown voters that CASA in Action mobilizes to vote. 


It does not benefit President Biden to outflank political opponents. Voters have consistently supported a courageous and sensible approach to our broken immigration system—one that prioritizes both border security and relief for long-term residents. It’s time to move beyond a narrow view of immigration centered solely on the border.


Often absent from headlines is the invaluable contribution of immigrants to our economy and communities. President Biden should emphasize this aspect during his address, highlighting how immigrants have played a vital role in America’s powerful economic rebound post-pandemic. Immigrants have fueled growth in small towns, cities, businesses, and have strengthened our economic position globally.


As we anticipate the president’s address, let’s hope for a comprehensive narrative—a true American story that includes immigrant families. A story where promises are made to do right by them and all fellow Americans.”



By mobilizing Black and brown voters, CASA in Action, and its 155,000+ members, play a powerful role in electing progressive change leaders who can produce the justice our members seek. For more information, please visit Follow us at @CASAinAction.