CASA in Action Endorses Passionate, Pro-Immigrant Aruna Miller for Congress

CASA in Action Endorses Passionate, Pro-Immigrant Aruna Miller for Congress
ROCKVILLE, MD. (TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2018) – Immigrant electoral powerhouse CASA in Action announced its endorsement of engineer and current Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

“An experienced legislator, Miller has boldly supported legislation that helps all communities thrive throughout her career in public service,” said Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action. “At the heart of the platform that she’ll take to Washington are progressive policies that uplift working and immigrant families. Her unyielding passion for equality not only makes her the best choice to represent Maryland’s 6th Congressional District but also the best hope to topple Trumpian policies reigning in our nation’s capital.”

Delegate Aruna Miller said, “As someone who immigrated to this country with family, I understand the promise of America. This administration is chipping away at that daily, investing more in scapegoating immigrants than creating legal paths to citizenship. I worked with CASA in the state legislature to help working families and I’m proud to have the support of CASA in Action. In Congress, I’ll continue to fight for immigrant and working families.”

As a delegate for Montgomery County residents, Miller co-sponsored the Supporting All Families Everywhere (SAFE) Act, which bars Maryland and local authorities from questioning individuals about their immigration status. Her record as state legislator boasts a fierce fight for Maryland’s working class families, from ensuring adequate funding for our public schools, to co-sponsoring legislation for a $15 minimum wage to ensuring workers get paid sick leave.

Most recently, Miller braved attacks from the Maryland Republican Party, whose campaign shamefully distributed racist mailers and ads sharply criticizing her pro-immigrant stance and demonizing the immigrant community.

CASA in Action’s full list of endorsed candidates is available here.


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