CASA in Action Celebrates Victorious Night in Last Night’s Elections

Media Contact: Chanea Davis, 301-717-4492, [email protected]


Hyattsville, MD — Electoral powerhouse CASA in Action finalized months of campaigning for general elections on Tuesday, November 7. CASA in Action is proud to announce a series of resounding victories in last night’s elections, underscoring the commitment to advancing inclusive and progressive policies in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Maryland.

“These results are a testament to the power of the people and their unwavering support for candidates who share community values and will uphold these values,” said Marvin Hernandez, Deputy Director of Electoral Programs, CASA in Action.

In Fairfax County, CASA in Action welcomes another Latino Supervisor, Andres Jimenez from the Mason District, further diversifying its leadership while solidifying a Democratic majority. Prince William County retained a Democratic majority with the historic election of its first woman of color, Deshundra Jefferson, elected as Chair. Danica Roem’s victory in the Virginia Senate race is a resounding rejection of hatred, and CASA in Action is proud to have supported her on her journey. Phil Hernandez was victorious in Norfolk, Virginia, winning Virginia State Delegate in District 94 elected by Black and Latino voters. In Virginia Beach, CASA in Action triumphed in a closely contested race by flipping the house – Michael Feggans secured the Virginia State Delegate seat by winning the hearts of Black and immigrant communities in Virginia Beach with his progressive policies. “Our work in Virginia culminated in an extraordinary accomplishment: the control of both chambers, with the flipping of the House and the retention of the Senate,” Luis Aguilar, Virginia director, CASA in Action. 

In Maryland, CASA in Action celebrates the re-election of Izola Shaw to the Rockville City Council. Izola’s commitment to housing issues aligns with our mission in serving communities, ensuring affordable housing for all. CASA in Action is thrilled to have her representing our values in local government.

Pennsylvania witnessed another significant victory, as Judge Dan McCaffrey was elected to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, ensuring the defense of the critical issue of abortion access. CASA in Action is proud to have supported his candidacy and contributed to this important outcome.

Moreover, Dr. Donya Sartor’s election as the first Black mayor of Jonesboro, the county seat of Clayton County, is a momentous milestone in our fight for diverse and equitable representation. 

“These elections are more than just a reflection of polling data; they represent actual actions taken by engaged people — both people eligible to vote who turned out to do so and also people who are highly dedicated to the civic duty that is voting and who volunteer to turn out voters — all to elect candidates who embody their values. CASA in Action is grateful for the trust placed in us and our endorsed candidates. We are determined to honor this trust by continuing our work to promote justice, equity, and inclusivity in our communities. Our victories last night serve as a powerful reminder that when people come together and take action, they can bring about positive change. CASA in Action remains committed to the mission of advocating for policies and candidates that reflect the aspirations and needs of Black, Latine, indigenous, and Afro-descendant communities. We are excited to continue our work, forging a better future for all,” closed Marvin Hernandez, Deputy Director of Electoral Programs, CASA in Action.  




By mobilizing Black and brown voters, CASA in Action, and its 155,000+ members, play a powerful role in electing progressive change leaders who can produce the justice our members seek. For more information, please visit Follow us at @CASAinAction.