CASA in Action Builds Immigrant Electoral Power for 2020 Election

Electoral mobilization powerhouse will engage voters in battleground states of Virginia and Pennsylvania

[VA, PA] – Immigrant electoral mobilization powerhouse CASA in Action announced its push to mobilize millions of immigrant, Latinx, Black, and young low-propensity voters in districts where these communities’ votes could be the decisive margin needed to win. CASA in Action’s announcement is part of the nationwide push by FIRM Action, the nation’s largest immigrant rights network.

“The country needs to recover from the last four years of damage from the Trump administration, and the only way to do that is to excise the tumor that’s inhabited the White House in November,” said William Renderos, MSW, civic engagement and electoral data manager for CASA in Action. “Mobilizing voters who don’t have a history of voting, especially new citizens, to rally their friends and family around Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will change the tide for immigrants and people of color and the healthcare, education, and pro-immigrant policies that have been sorely missing.”

In Pennsylvania, CASA in Action is reaching out to 126,715 voters from an area spanning the collar counties to the capitol. Our universe centers voters of color with a special focus on Latino voters especially Puerto Ricans who have arrived in the Commonwealth since Hurricane Maria. Altogether, our team of canvassers will place 260,060 calls, 182,042 texts and knock on 23,000 doors while also engaging 3,000 voters through a friends and family relational organizing program. Our program has the capacity to dethrone a nationally targeted anti-immigrant member of Congress (Scott Perry in PA-10), win priority seats in the state Senate and House to flip the legislature, and bring PA home for Biden/Harris.

In Virginia, CASA in Action is reaching out to 94,685 voters living in Hampton Roads (VA2) and outer NOVA down to the capitol (VA-1). In VA, CASA is targeting a diverse group of voters of color, with a deep dive on the Latino vote, to elect Pakistani-American immigrant Qasim Rashid and bring the Commonwealth home for Biden/Harris. CASA in Action’s amazing canvassers will place 284,055 calls and 198,838 texts to voters and visit the homes of 18,500. In Virginia, 2,250 voters will be engaged in a friends and family relationship voter contact program. Work in 2020 in Virginia sets the stage for a 2021 blowout election for Governor and the House of Delegates.

CASA in Action also redesigned its website to maximize educational and engagement opportunities. See the new website at

“It’s our voters, Latinx, Black and Asian immigrants who are feeling the devastating impact of this administration and its anti-immigrant policies,” said Sulma Arias, immigrant rights director at Community Change Action. “This is why, more than ever, we are talking to our friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues to ensure that everyone who can cast a ballot does so. This election is about continuing to build and shape the country every American wants to live in. FIRM Action is organizing the collective power of millions of immigrants across the country, to show up and speak through the power of their vote, for themselves, their families, and community.”

For nearly four years, immigrant communities have endured the cruel and dangerous racist policies of the most anti-immigrant administration in recent history. In 2018, the FIRM Network’s strategy, which CASA in Action is a part of, focusing on unlikely voters immigrant and of color played a key role in turning out infrequent voters that helped flip the U.S. House.


With more than 100,000+ lifetime members, CASA in Action is the largest electoral organization fighting for immigrant rights in the Mid-Atlantic region. For more information, please visit Follow us @CASAinAction

The FIRM Action network is the nation’s largest immigrant-rights coalition, with grassroots organizations in more than two dozen states fighting for immigrant rights at the local, state and federal level.