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Against Performative Politics Behind Sec. Mayorkas’ Impeachment

WASHINGTON, DC – CASA in Action Director of Electoral Programs William Renderos issued the following statement as Republicans head up a political stunt against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.
“We firmly believe that Republican calls for Secretary Mayorkas’ impeachment lack merit and are driven by audaciously partisan motives. Such attempts not only jeopardize the stability of our nation’s leadership but are also a waste of taxpayer dollars. The continuous weaponizing of anti-immigrant sentiments, with this one as the latest, has caused the immigrant community to suffer discrimination and violence, especially Black immigrants, amidst this reckless ploy during such a decisive election year.
“Ultra-conservative Republicans have fundraised off of the impending investigation, demonstrating a lack of sincerity in seeking solutions to save asylum and safeguard funding for Ukraine. We urge Congress to get serious about the state of the country and put election-year considerations to the side. Only by putting the most affected people first can the United States thrive.”