Steuart Pittman Re-Elected as Anne Arundel County Executive

Glen Burnie, MD – As news breaks of Steuart Pittman’s re-election as Anne Arundel County Executive, CASA in Action released the following statement from William Renderos, Director of Electoral Programs of this Black and Latino electoral mobilization powerhouse.

“After a hard-won race, we congratulate immigrant champion Stuart Pittman for his second term as Anne Arundel County Executive! Since Labor Day, our canvassers knocked on 21,851 doors in Maryland, with this county as the primary theater of operations, to help secure the victory. With canvassing, traditional media buys, and a tight digital strategy, this multi-tiered campaign shows the strength of the Black and Latino electorate when we work together to re-elect a leader who stands up for communities of color. With such a narrow margin of victory, we are reminded again of the weight of a single vote: to every person who doubts if their vote makes a difference, this race like so many others shows that each vote holds great power to decide our legislators. Now, because of every Latino and Black citizen who cast their ballot, we will have Steuart Pittman fighting for a bright future for Anne Arundel.”

In addition to knocking over 21,000 doors, Maryland’s field team of canvassers was also supported by roughly 20,000 pieces of door literature, more than 7,000 mailers, video, radio, and organic ads supporting Wes Moore and Steuart Pittman, over 500,000 digital ad impressions.