Statement by Gustavo Torres, President of Casa in Action, on President Donald Trump’s State of the Union

LANGLEY PARK, Md (Friday, January 26, 2018)

“During his time in office, President Trump has demonstrated his lack of leadership and vision to find solutions.

“Presenting an immigration proposal away from family unification is reckless, inhuman and completely un-American.

“He abruptly ended two vital immigration programs without offering a path to citizenship to millions of people who are already part of the system – the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) for young immigrants and Temporary Provisional Status (TPS) for people of 4 countries: El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan.

“Targeting programs that serve millions before having a permanent solution to adjust their immigration status is a hateful attempt to attack communities and families, particularly children.
The American Psychological Association (APA) reported in November 2016 about the uncertainty of United States-born children of immigrant parents. “As parents’ risk of deportation rises, so too does the stress of their children. The lingering possibility of deportation of parents leaves children with constant anxiety and vigilance about the potential becoming real,” stated the APA report.

“We are currently raising a generation of American children who are displaying signs of depression and anxiety. This is not an immigration problem. This is an American nightmare.

“We are asking for leadership from President Trump and Congress – across party lines – to be true to the values of our nation and put an end to this crisis that’s causing so much pain in families.

“Hence tonight, as we hear the first State of the Union address by President Trump, we are in a reminiscent mood to continue catapulting our movement of inclusion.

“We are not only advocating on issues that seek justice and equality, we are electing public servants who truly embrace our values. We need real leaders in office, from local council all the way to the Presidency.
This is why this past November, with incredibly large turnout in precincts where Latino and immigrant voters represent at least 20% of the population, all the candidates CASA in Action endorsed for the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial election won. This remarkable victory firmly exposes through election results that hate and anti-immigrant rhetoric has no place in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“How we did it? We organized to increase voter participation by engaging voters early and advocating for our values as an inclusive community.

“We made the commitment of electing people who truly care about empowering all members in our society. We cannot let hate and – frankly – incompetence win again. People’s vote has never mattered more than it does today.

“Ed Gillespie, the republican candidate for Governor in Virginia, had an over-reliance on anti-immigrant race-baiting taken by President Trump’s style. It did not work for Gillespie. In fact, the 2017 Virginia election proved two things: First, Virginians are pro-immigration and support welcoming policy towards immigrants. And second, candidates’ anti-immigrant and anti-Latino ads backfired and Donald Trump styled politics are hurting Republicans at the ballot box.

“As we hear tonight’s address by President Trump, let us remind him: there is no economic superpower without workers at all income levels, there is no economic superpower without access to healthcare for all, there is no economic superpower without communities feeling safe in their neighborhoods, and there is no way of achieving economic superpower for an entire nation when the focus of the President is to evoke hate and division.

“The American people want and deserve a President who cares about bringing the best out of all of us; a President who can provide solutions, not outspread problems.

“We ask President Trump to stop pulling families apart. Don’t end immigration programs without a path to citizenship. We are watching his every move and will demonstrate, once again, our power at the polls.”

Stated Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action.

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