CASA in Action Indignant with SCOTUS Attack on Women’s Reproductive Rights

HYATTSVILLE, MD – The Supreme Court of the U.S. has overturned Roe v. Wade in Dobbs, an abhorrent decision that affects the lives of people who become pregnant across the country. Melissa Guzman, Chief Operating Officer of CASA in Action, issued the following statement in response.

“The SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade eliminates reproductive rights, robbing our bodily autonomy. Poor people in particular, unable to travel across the country for healthcare, will see the impact of poverty and racism multiplied through forced childbearing. The damage of former President Trump appointing conservative justices has never been felt more than today with half the population losing our reproductive rights; a harrowing sign of where the country is heading. Basic rights about whether to bring a fetus to term is now relegated to an issue of states rights. Democratic leaders in every state, including Georgia, Pennsylvania and even Virginia where the Republican Governor immediately called to eliminate access to abortion, must firmly affirm our right to abortion now more than ever.

“I call on voters to remember this assault on our lives and cast our votes for candidates that stand with women. We must ensure our state and local officials are people that agree with reproductive freedom.”