Record-breaking Voter Turnout for Jonesboro’s First Black Mayor, Donya Sartor

JONESBORO, GEORGIA – As election results come in announcing Donya Sartor’s victory, CASA in Action celebrates its work canvassing 4,117 doors, speaking with 1,113 voters, resulting in record-breaking voter turnout. CASA in Action Georgia Director Luis Zaldivar released the following statement.

“Georgia should make voting as easy, convenient, and accessible as possible, but what voters experienced was confusion as they navigated two elections held on the same day and at the same time but in different polling locations. Despite these obstacles, CASA in Action helped Jonesboro voters of color turn out in record numbers,” said CASA in Action Georgia Director Luis Zaldivar. “Jonesboro makes history today in electing the first Black mayor. A passionate and dedicated public servant, Dr. Sartor will break down the barriers — sky high rent prices, low-paying wages, and lack of healthcare — to best serve Black and brown working families.”

CASA in Action’s field operation included canvassing conversations, phone calls, and a printed mailer to persuade and mobilize voters who do not always turn out in low-profile local elections. Despite the lower attention of these off-cycle elections, decisions made in Jonesboro, the county seat of Clayton County, have a dramatic impact on residents’ lives. CASA in Action convinced voters that it was time to have representatives that would fight for all of the town.