CASA in Action closes Hispanic Heritage Month with Senator Raphael Warnock


“I believe in Raphael Warnock because he has fought in Washington for my family. I trust him, my community trusts him, and we are ready to help him keep his seat in the Senate,” said Julian Ramirez, CASA in Action member.

EAST POINT, GEORGIA — CASA in Action members joined together this Wednesday to close out Hispanic Heritage Month by celebrating Latino and immigrant resilience with Senator Raphael Warnock, calling on members to contact friends and family and get out the vote. From critical issues like immigration reform and DACA to expanding access to healthcare and supporting Latino small businesses, Reverend Warnock, representing a considerable population of Latinos and immigrants, has fought for immigrant and Latino families in the Senate. When re-elected to the Senate, he will continue fighting to ensure that immigrant families are respected and that the government makes investments in communities too long left behind.

“Raphael Warnock has stood with immigrants and working-class families – from his leadership fighting to reduce prescription drug costs to demanding TPS justice from the Biden administration. Senator Warnock has a demonstrated commitment to defending those left behind, and we are working hard every day to make sure Georgia voters return him to Washington as our Senator,” said Luis Zaldivar, CASA in Action Georgia. “We know Raphael Warnock will continue fighting for CASA in Action members, people who are daily building the economy and strengthening communities across the peach state.” 

CASA in Action will mobilize tens of thousands of voters in Georgia to re-elect Raphael Warnock as the Georgia Democratic candidate for Senate. 

“I am a senator for all of Georgia, no matter what country you’re from. No matter what language you speak. Tonight we are all speaking the same language. With the powerful movement that makes CASA in Action membership, I know that I can get re-elected as Georgia senator so that Georgia can offer the best opportunities for every community, including communities of color, to thrive”, said Senator Raphael Warnock


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