On International Workers’ Day, Immigrant Activists Rally Against Rep. Comstock in Virginia

WHO: CASA in Action immigrant,TPS recipients, and DREAMER activists

Federico Romero, construction worker that has lived in Rep. Comstock’s District for eight years.

Virgilio Aleman, Honduran TPS recipient that has lived in Arlington County for 22 years.

Michelle LaRue, Director of CASA Virginia

WHAT: May Day rally outside of Rep. Comstock’s office


Rep. Comstock’s Loudoun County Office

21430 Cedar Drive, Suite 218

Sterling, VA 20164

WHEN: Tuesday, May 1

Caravan to Rep. Comstock’s office at 3:30 PM

Rally outside her office at 4 PM

March up to her office to present pink slip at 4:40 PM


Caravan of cars decorated with signs and photos of Rep. Comstock, continuously honking down the street to draw attention to the procession

At the rally, people of all ages chanting, marching with colorful posters, and wearing CASA in Action shirts, buttons, and stickers

Rally participants marching to her office will present a large pink slip detailing the reasons for her termination of employment

STERLING, VA (FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2018) – On May 1, International Workers Day, immigrant, TPS recipient, and DREAMer activists from CASA in Action and Indivisible VA 10will rally outside, and then march up to the Loudoun County Office of Rep. Virginia Comstock (VA-10) to protest her scarcely concealed disdain for the social and economic contributions of immigrants, especially those in her District. The rally participants will present a large pink slip printed with a list of reasons for her termination.

Despite repeated requests, Rep. Comstock has refused to meet with DREAMers and people with TPS who reside in one of the most competitive congressional districts in the country.

“Rep. Comstock has decided to follow Donald Trump’s white supremacist agenda by refusing to represent immigrants and people of color who live and work in her District,” said Gustavo Torres, CASA in Action President. “Immigrants are the lifeforce behind the workforce, propelling the United States to be an economic powerhouse. May Day celebrates the economic impact of workers around the world, but Rep. Comstock remains purposefully blind to workers she deems undesirable.”

​Rep. Comstock spearheaded policies that funnel money to armed groups that terrorize immigrant neighborhoods in the so-called Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act. She also championed and introduced the so-called Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act, which equates all immigrants with crime, violence, and the deadly MS-13 gang. She has not supported even bipartisan measures to resolve the crisis facing undocumented youth through the DREAM Act and has refused to seek relief for those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) even though her district has the second highest number of people with TPS in the country.

“Our rally is a wake-up call: Rep. Comstock should meet and listen to the hardworking people that live in District 10 instead of blindly upholding xenophobic policies,” said Federico Romero, District 10 immigrant resident. “We are amassing a voter mobilization force that will turnout eligible voters and make sure her day of reckoning is Election Day.”

Federico Romero works in construction in Virginia and has lived in Rep. Comstock’s district for eight years.