Door Knocking Bash Celebrates Black & Brown Voters in Lancaster & Harrisburg

100+ participants to reach thousands of voters in final weekend before Election Day

HARRISBURG & LANCASTER, PA – CASA in Action, electoral powerhouse mobilizing Black and Latino voters, will host a major door knocking event in Lancaster and Harrisburg on Saturday and Sunday, featuring first-time voters, immigrants, and more.

WHAT: Two-day door knocking bash celebrating the Black and brown vote with music, balloons, and folks taking pictures with cardboard cutouts of Joe Biden, before the door knocking training session begins. CASA in Action field leaders will then orient participants on door knocking best practices, which will target low-propensity voters to reach the finish line. Lastly, participants will disperse to knock on doors.

Reporters will have the opportunity to shadow canvassers as they speak with voters and more.

WHO: First time voters, DACA and TPS holders, immigrants, Latino and Black voters


  1. Saturday, October 31, 2020 @ 10:30 am
    CASA in Action Lancaster office (outdoors)
    318 South Duke, Lancaster, PA 17602
  2. Sunday, November 1, 2020 @ 10:30 am
    Harrisburg, PA (outdoors)


The door knocking bash is a continuation of CASA in Action’s work throughout the election cycle. As of October 28, the organization has made 575,199 calls and 345,169 texts and knocked on 30,006 doors in Pennsylvania and Virginia. As of October 27, 4,200,000 early, first-time voters have already cast their ballot.

“With a few days left until Election Day, more than 60,000,000 votes have already been cast in the 2020 general election, shattering records for early vote. This weekend door knocking bash is the first of many hurrahs celebrating the power of Black and brown voters,” said Alonzo Washington, CASA in Action Executive Director. “From the conversations we’ve been having with voters for months, we can see that Trump’s days in office are numbered. Immigrant voters, first-time voters, voters of color are casting their ballots at higher rates than ever, all to voice their complete rejection of the Trump administration’s policies of hatred and xenophobia.”

COVID protocols: CASA in Action adheres to strict COVID prevention protocols and will hold this event outdoors. All are required to stay six (6) feet apart and wear a mask covering the nose and mouth. Hand sanitizer must be used before entering the event space. Anyone with COVID symptoms is not able to participate in any CASA in Action events and must instead stay home to quarantine. These principles will be updated as further information becomes available and on-the-ground conditions change.


With more than 100,000+ lifetime members, CASA in Action is the largest electoral organization fighting for immigrant rights in the Mid-Atlantic region. For more information, please visit Follow us at @CASAinAction.