DC Rally Against GOP Stealing Votes

Hey GOP: Can’t Steal the People’s Vote
Rally and March to White House

What: People’s Action to Defend the Nation
Where: Rally at McPherson Square, 1400 I St NW, Washington, DC 20005, then march to White House
Who: CASA in Action, Community Change Action, CPD Action, FIRM Action, NAKASEC Action Fund, SPACEs in Action, Shut Down DC
When: Friday, Nov. 6, 12 pm.

Visuals: Friday’s rally will feature first-time voters and volunteers who worked tirelessly to engage voters. Cameras can capture dancers and music, which celebrate Latino, Black, and immigrant fightback culture.

More: Activist organizations that mobilized voters of color this election will rally at the nation’s capital to demand that every vote be counted and the GOP stop its campaign to steal the election results.

“Our members have worked tirelessly for their voices to be heard this election cycle and we will not let intimidation or litigation steal our power,” said LaDon Love, Executive Director of SPACEs in Action. “Our people are saving this democracy and we will not be silent.”

“My members in Pennsylvania link arms with voters from Arizona to Georgia to demand justice,” said Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action. “We transformed the vote in Southern PA and we want Donald Trump to hear that the very people he hates so much are those that delivered the vote to kick him out of the White House.”

“There are still millions of ballots uncounted, due to part of the high voter enthusiasm of Asian Americans who wanted to vote safely and securely in the midst of a public health pandemic. Included in those votes are Asian Americans from Pennsylvania who the NAKASEC Action Fund mobilized. Each ballot represents a voice and a decision, and each ballot must be counted,” said Sookyung Oh, NAKASEC Action Fund.

“The only way we protect our democracy is to count every vote. The votes and voices of more than 72 million people have been counted so far – the most from any presidential candidate in American history. These voters are demanding a more just and equitable nation. We are demanding an end to the racism, hate and anti-immigration policies at the core of Trumpism that the GOP supported. We will be patient so election officials can count each and every vote accurately, but we will also be vigilant and ready to defend the vision and rights of all of those who voted for change,” said Sulma Arias, director of immigrant rights for Community Change Action and FIRM Action.


With more than 100,000+ lifetime members, CASA in Action is the largest electoral organization fighting for immigrant rights in the Mid-Atlantic region. For more information, please visit CASAinAction.org. Follow us at @CASAinAction.