CASA in Action’s Elections Program Concludes in Maryland

The Voter Mobilization Organization Looks Ahead to November Elections

BALTIMORE, MD – CASA in Action’s Maryland campaign engaged 5,790 voters in the city and county, hosting 1,695 conversations throughout Baltimore City Council District 1 and Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. From Colombia, Cameroon, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States, a diverse crew of volunteers canvassed voters for champions of working class Black, Latine, Afro-descendent, indigenous, and immigrant families, securing several victories and flipping seats for progressive candidates.

“Maryland has been at the helm of tremendous progressive growth, from expanding the healthcare exchange to immigrants to eviction prevention measures,” said William Renderos, MSW, Director of Electoral Programs at CASA in Action. “CASA in Action’s people-powered movement builds a world that doesn’t yet exist — a world that centers a passion for social and economic justice, racial justice, the fight for immigrant rights, liberation, and human rights. With the strength that resides within our movement and communities, we fought hard to elect our endorsed candidates, who will help us construct this vision.”

The voters have spoken and selected Angela Alsobrooks as the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate race. She is Maryland’s first Black woman nominated for this position in a delegation that is mostly white men, marking a historic victory for both her and Maryland. “Angela Alsobrooks is the fierce fighter we need to beat anti-immigrant Larry Hogan in the general election and retain US Senate control for the Democrats,” said Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action’s board of directors.

With labor and progressive partners, CASA in Action will spearhead an aggressive anti-Larry Hogan campaign that urges voters to keep Maryland growing and thriving. The campaign will educate voters that Larry Hogan, as governor, and Larry Hogan, in the Senate, undermine working-class Black, Latine, immigrant, and indigenous rights.

“We have so much to gain come November, where CASA in Action will head a four state campaign, including for Maryland’s Senate seat,” added Torres. “From Maryland to Pennsylvania to Virginia to Georgia, the future is in our hands, and each of us — whether we can vote or not — has a leadership role to play.” CASA in Action’s general election program will be its biggest and most ambitious yet, spanning Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Georgia.

Results show that Brandon Scott is on track for a second term as Baltimore City Mayor, and CASA in Action progressives Paris Gray and Jermaine Jones have won against more conservative incumbents. “We look ahead to an exciting future for Baltimore City, filled with progressive policies that benefit working families. With CASA in Action’s endorsed candidates Mark Parker, Phylicia Porter, and Odette Ramos, as well as Zeke Cohen, Ryan Dorsey, Mark Conway, Sharon G. Middleton, Paris Gray, John Bullock, and Jermaine Jones, Mayor Brandon Scott and the entire Baltimore City Council can take charge on quality education, public safety, and community investments so all Black, Latine, Afro-descendent, indigenous, and immigrant families can thrive,” closed Renderos.


By mobilizing Black, Latine, Afro-descendent, Indigenous, and Immigrant voters, CASA in Action, and its 155,000 members, play a powerful role in electing progressive change leaders who can produce the justice our members seek nationwide. CASA in Action endorses candidates that advance its membership’s priorities and facilitates greater engagement of Latinos and voters of color in elections.