CASA in Action Finalizes Critical Virginia Senate Campaign

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Days into the new year, electoral mobilization powerhouse CASA in Action has built a program mobilizing Black, Latino, immigrant and working class voters finishing a special election campaign for Virginia’s 7th Senate District. In just nine days, the organization exceeded its goal of knocking on 12,000 doors in Virginia Beach with a team of 29 canvassers; delivered more than 26,000 digital ad impressions across the region, and played a key role in driving turnout for endorsed candidate Aaron Rouse.

“As we were out knocking doors in the community, we encountered many voters who didn’t even know there was a special election going on,” CASA in Action Virginia Voter Engagement Manager Marvin Hernandez said. “Our canvassing team played an invaluable role in raising awareness about the election, directing voters to their polling stations, and stressing the importance of electing Rouse and helping expand the Democratic majority in Virginia’s Senate.”

In Virginia’s divided government, electing Rouse to the 7th District Senate seat stood out as a high priority to launch CASA in Action’s campaigning in 2023. With the Virginia Senate’s 21-19 split favoring Democrats, a single Democratic vote for a Republican initiative could lead to a tiebreaker vote, which would then be decided by Republican Lt. Governor Winsome Sears. Adding Rouse to the legislature’s upper chamber will offset the risk of gridlock, and help advance key policy priorities for CASA in Action members, including better wages, affordable housing, and reproductive rights.

“The Virginia state legislature is a cradle of democracy, which allows us to see new initiatives and policy direction take shape,” Hernandez added. “We reminded voters this election that Rouse would form a key defense against Republican attempts to curtail their rights, and give working families in Virginia Beach a fighting chance for affordable health care and better wages in the Commonwealth.”

“We intend to build on the momentum we generated in this race, and use it to propel victories in campaigns for primary and general races for control of the Virginia General Assembly this year,” Hernandez said.


CASA in Action, 501(c)(4) is a national organization supporting immigrant and working class families and ensuring that all individuals have the core resources necessary for full participation in society. For more information, please visit Follow us at @CASAinAction.