CASA in Action Endorses Tom Perez to Transform Maryland from Governor’s Mansion

14 July 2021, ANNAPOLIS, MD – CASA in Action Board of Directors voted to endorse Tom Perez for Maryland governor. After years of anti-immigrant leadership, CASA in Action looks to Perez for a champion that will make Maryland a welcoming state for all, regardless of immigration status.

“Tom Perez has earned CASA in Action’s endorsement for countless reasons,” said Gustavo Torres, CASA in Action Board President. “Tom’s history fighting for criminal justice and voting rights at the Department of Justice had meaningful and deep impacts on our members’ lives. His absolutely transformative work first as the Maryland Secretary of Labor then as the US Secretary of Labor both peeled back decades of policies favoring corporate executives over workers and put this country on the path to an overall overtime law needed for generations.”

CASA in Action will mobilize thousands of voters in Maryland to elect Tom Perez as the Democratic nominee for Maryland governor. From the veto of Maryland’s immigrant rights bills, including Dignity not Detention Act and the Driver Privacy Act, to purposeful exclusion of immigrants in COVID economic relief to the veto of Blueprint education reform, CASA in Action is ready for Tom Perez’s leadership.

“As the son of Dominican immigrants, this endorsement means so much to me and my family. Maryland has so much potential but we are running out of time,” Tom Perez said of the endorsement. “CASA in Action recognizes that Marylanders deserve a governor who not only has the experience but the track record of delivering results for all of us, including immigrants who embody the promise of the American dream. I am ready to be that governor, and with CASA in Action’s help we will not only win this primary we will lay the groundwork for victory next year and make history.”

“Our relationship with Tom has been in place for decades, as he fought to build immigrant power both in Maryland and in the country,” closed Torres. “Electing Tom Perez – a transformative change agent – to the governor’s mansion will help rebuild after eight years of disastrous nativist Republican leadership.”