CASA in Action Endorses State Legislative Candidates in Pennsylvania

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, August 7, 2020

CONTACT: Diana Castaneda, [email protected], (240) 515-5561

York, PA — CASA in Action, the region’s largest pro-immigrant electoral organization, is pleased to announce its endorsement of 10 candidates for the Pennsylvania general election on November 3, 2020. CASA in Action board interviewed and voted in favor of candidates that support a pro-immigrant, pro-Latino agenda that benefits working families.

“Now more than ever, our state and local elections are important for our immigrant community. This year we will fight to elect candidates who are committed to providing social and economic opportunities to all Pennsylvania residents,” said Thais Carrero, CASA in Action Pennsylvania Director. “The candidates we endorse have a longstanding history of activism and are fearless champions in the fight for equity and justice.”


Among the many candidates that inspired CASA in Action members to get involved:

– Councilwoman Janet Diaz, candidate for State Senate in Lancaster County has fought to improve the lives of working families and access to quality healthcare for all residents of Lancaster. Diaz supports a COVID-19 state relief fund that benefits all residents regardless of their immigration status, among other pro-immigrant policies.

– George Scott, candidate for State Senate in Dauphin County, supports expanding college in-state tuition rates for immigrant students residents of Pennsylvania, among other pro-immigrant policies.

CASA in Action Endorsements in Pennsylvania:

State Senate

John Kane for State Senate District 9

Janet Diaz for State Senate District 13

​George Scott for State Senate District 15

State House of Representatives
Michele Wherley for State House District 41

​Christina Sappey for State House District 58

Anton Andrew for State House District 60

Carol Hill-Evans for State House District 95

Patty Kim for State House District 103

Patty Smith for State House District 104

Lindsay Drew for House of Representatives District 106

CASA in Action’s Board of Directors is composed of elected leaders representing our regional councils across CASA in Action’s three states. The Board’s endorsement decisions are supported by our Leadership Council – composed of two community leaders elected from each of our community organizing committees.

Together these community members interview candidates, review their records, and finalize recommendations and decisions in favor of candidates who support a progressive and pro-immigrant, pro-Latino agenda.


With more than 100,000+ lifetime members, CASA in Action is the largest electoral organization fighting for immigrant rights in the Mid-Atlantic region. For more information, please visit Follow us @CASAinAction