CASA in Action Endorses Izola Shaw for Rockville City Council

Rockville, MD – The board of electoral powerhouse organization CASA in Action has voted to endorse Izola Shaw for Rockville City Council.  Unwavering dedication Izola has emerged as a beacon of hope for all residents of Montgomery County especially in Rockville.


Izola Shaw’s journey in public service has been marked by a commitment to equity and justice that has resonated deeply with the diverse communities she serves. “Izola’s advocacy for immigrant families provided a lifeline with her tireless efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. “In the face of rising housing costs and the challenges posed by the ongoing housing crisis, Izola has been a relentless champion for renters” said Alex Vasquez, CASA in Action, National Field Director. 


 “The endorsement of Izola Shaw by CASA in Action signifies a bright and promising future for Montgomery County. As we navigate the challenges of the 21st century, her leadership will undoubtedly be instrumental in crafting policies and initiatives that empower immigrant families, renters, and working communities. With Izola at the helm, we are confident that Montgomery County will continue to prosper as a welcoming and inclusive community for all.” said Marvin Hernandez, CASA in Action Deputy Director.