CASA in Action Endorses 2023 Pennsylvania Candidates for Primary Elections

Lancaster, PA — The board of CASA in Action has voted to endorse a powerful slate of candidates who will champion the priorities of the immigrant and working families. See below for the list of candidates.

Our CASA in Action Candidates

York City Council- Edquina Washington

Director of PA CASA in Action Daniel Alvalle: “ Edquina Washington was a big help when our sister organization, CASA, moved to the City of York and worked to get them an office at city hall. Edquina’s strong dedication to education equity in all school districts in York City has earned her the endorsement of CASA in Action. As a council member, Edquina Washington will deliver on the passage of the Trust Act.”

York City Council- Blade Kline

Director of PA CASA in Action Daniel Alvalle: “Blade Kline has proven himself as a person who works for the community, as he has served in local government in other townships before. As a council member, Blade Kline will work with the mayor and other local elected officials to bring a change to York to make it safer for the community.”

Lancaster City Council- Ahmed Ahmed

Director of PA CASA in Action Daniel Alvalle: “As a former refugee and immigrant, Ahmed Ahmed fights every day so that Lancaster continues to be welcoming to all of the communities. As a council member, Ahmed Ahmed will continue to represent all of the people and will make sure that their voices are heard. He will support policies and initiatives ensuring equitable distribution of funding throughout Lancaster City school districts.”

Lancaster City Council- Amanda Bakay

Director of PA CASA in Action Daniel Alvalle: “Amanda Bakay believes in raising the minimum wage in PA for working-class families, as it has been stagnant for too long and means families have to struggle with childcare and working additional jobs to make ends meet.”

Lancaster City Council- Jamie Arroyo

Director of PA CASA in Action Daniel Alvalle: “As a Latino himself, Jaime Arroyo seeks for the Latine voice to be uplifted in the local city council. He believes that representation matters in local government and capacities. As a council member, Jaime Arroyo will support pushing forward the Lancaster Trust Act with the cooperation of the Police Chief. He is committed to making sure the council passes this important act.”

Lancaster City Council- John Hursh

Director of PA CASA in Action Daniel Alvalle: “John Hursh believes that Lancastarians deserve a city that they can afford and is safe. He believes that the city has become unaffordable including through the rise of taxes. John Hursh believes that immigrants are a vital contributor to Lancaster and will seek to do what can be done to encourage a diverse population in Lancaster and to remain true to the intention of a welcoming city. As a council member, John Hursh will work with the city council to create programs to weatherize and protect Lancastarians’ homes are supported.”