CASA in Action Backs Steadfast Immigration Advocate Abigail Spanberger for House of Representatives

WOODBRIDGE, Virginia — CASA in Action, an electoral powerhouse mobilizing working-class and immigrant voters across four states, is excited to announce its endorsement of Rep. Abigail Spanberger for House of Representatives in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District this November. Spanberger has been a committed supporter of a pathway to citizenship for immigrants at the federal level, making her an invaluable ally to CASA in Action members.

“Our endorsement of Rep. Spanberger recognizes that she has always been with our membership on issues as critical to the immigrant community as a pathway to citizenship and support for DACA recipients,” CASA in Action Executive Director Alonzo Washington said. 

Spanberger voted in favor of the Dream and Promise Act last year, which would have extended either Temporary Protected Status or Conditional Permanent Residence to more than 4 million immigrant youths. She has also backed measures to lower food and fuel costs for Virginia families, as well as major investments in Northern Virginia’s roads, bridges, airports and internet networks.

CASA in Action’s endorsement of Spanberger is announced as she faces a far-right, anti-immigrant challenge from her Republican opponent, Yesli Vega.

“Our members pay attention to which elected officials show up for them when it matters,” Washington added. “It didn’t take much scrutiny of Vega’s record — which includes support for a 287(g) program in Prince William County — for them to decide that Spanberger is the clear choice in this race.”

The 287(g) program allows local authorities to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement when a noncitizen enters police custody. ICE agents then begin a deportation process against that individual, sometimes for offenses as minor as driving without a license. Despite coming from an immigrant background herself, Vega’s support for 287(g) entails separation of immigrant families within the Stafford and Prince William communities.

“Vega may come from the same community that we do,” CASA in Action member Ivania Castillo said. “But it’s clear that her policy positions mean she won’t support us when we need it.”

CASA in Action canvassers conducted a field test gauging Prince William and Stafford County residents’ interest in the race earlier this summer, and found that community members expressed enthusiasm for Spanberger, based on her support for immigrants.

“Northern Virginia is a very diverse region, built and sustained thanks to our community members who come from El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and elsewhere,” CASA in Action Virginia Elections Manager Marvin Hernandez said.

“It’s imperative that residents of Stafford and Prince William Counties know that they have someone in office who will work to keep our families and communities together,” Hernandez added. “Our members have an ally in Rep. Spanberger, and we plan on sending her back to Congress next year.”


CASA in Action, a 501(c)(4) is a national organization supporting immigrant and working class families and ensuring that all individuals have the core resources necessary for full participation in society. For more information, please visit Follow us at @CASAinAction.