CASA in Action Backing Shapiro, Davis, and Fetterman, Among Progressive Slate in Pennsylvania

YORK, Pa. — Electoral powerhouse CASA in Action is thrilled to announce its endorsements of Josh Shapiro for Governor and Autsin Davis for Lt. Governor, as well as John Fetterman for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania this November. Shapiro and Davis have enshrined support for union labor as one of the focal points of their platform, and Fetterman has spent years advocating for higher wages and affordable healthcare for Pennsylvanians across the state. Together, these candidates form a powerful coalition dedicated to economic progress for Pennsylvanians of color, and have earned the backing of CASA in Action for this General Election cycle.

“As an organization, we understand how critical the voices of Black and Latino Pennsylvanians are in terms of electing leaders at both the national and state levels,” CASA in Action Executive Director Alonzo Washington said. “With the endorsements of Shapiro, Davis, and Fetterman, we offer our members a policy platform dedicated to higher wages, outstanding opportunities in education and workforce development, and respect for the voting rights of every Pennsylvanian.”

As Attorney General, Shapiro prosecuted a major construction company for stealing retirement and healthcare benefits from its workers. He also stood with immigrants across Pennsylvania, filing suit against the Trump administration for a draconian public charge policy that discouraged low-income earners and their families from accessing healthcare, nutrition, and housing programs offered by the government. Davis has been a champion for stronger wages and educational opportunities for families in western Pennsylvania during his tenure in the State House. Meanwhile, Fetterman presents an opportunity for Pennsylvanians to have a committed champion for universal health care and a pathway to citizenship for the state’s immigrant communities in the U.S. Senate.

Along with these top-ticket endorsements, CASA in Action is pleased to announce its support for the following candidates, who likewise demonstrate an unwavering dedication to working families in Pennsylvania:


Congress for PA’s 6th District: Chrissy Houlahan

State Representative for Cumberland County: Sara Agerton

State Representative for York County: Carol Hill-Evans

State Representative for Dauphin County: Patty Kim


“Going out into the community in York, Harrisburg, and elsewhere, we’re hearing the same kinds of messages from residents,” CASA in Action Voter Engagement Manager Rosemary Cintron said. “They tell us rent is too high. Gas is too expensive. Every day, it gets harder and harder to make ends meet.”

“Our communities of color will no longer be ignored by elected officials,” closed Daniel Alvalle, CASA in Action’s Pennsylvania Director. “With these endorsements, we know we’ll have leaders that our community members can count on to make life more affordable, and unlock new possibilities for education and job training for our state’s youth.”


CASA in Action is a national organization supporting immigrant and working class families and ensuring that all individuals have the core resources necessary for full participation in society. For more information, please visit Follow us at @CASAinAction.