CASA in Action Asks Voters to Reject Deportation Pipeline Candidate

CASA in Action Asks Voters to Reject Deportation Pipeline Candidate
Montgomery County Deserves Better Than David Blair
SILVER SPRING, MD (SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018)- Statement from CASA in Action President Gustavo Torres:

“Each and every day, CASA in Action members suffer the consequences of the broken immigration system. They leave work not sure if they will see their children again. They avoid engagement with government agencies out of fear of ICE entanglement. Sometimes they pull their children from school, concerned about raid rumors. In light of the depth of our member’s feelings about the immigration enforcement crisis, I was horrified to discover that David Blair, candidate for County Executive, has profited off of the deportation industry. According to an analysis prepared by the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America Solidarity PAC of Blair’s campaign finance disclosures, the candidate has significant investments in General Dynamics, one of the worst private prison industry profiteers.

Montgomery County is blessed to welcome immigrants from across the world. All county residents, immigrant and non-immigrant, have reacted with horror at the despotic scenes of family separation at the border and are familiar with similar cases here in the interior. Voters who want to take a stand against the separation of immigrant families should start on Tuesday by rejected the candidate – David Blair – that profits from it.”

The research by Metro DC DSA Solidarity PAC is available at


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