CASA in Action Announces New Maryland Endorsements

CASA in Action Announces New Maryland Endorsements as Primary Season Heats Up

ANNAPOLIS, MD – This week, CASA in Action – the nation’s largest immigrant electoral powerhouse with over 122,000 lifetime members – announces its support for progressive change makers who will fight for families and communities. The list includes progressive challengers to rightwing prosecutors, Latino candidates that could treble representation in the Maryland General Assembly, and council candidates who will shift the vote on critical issues from rent stabilization to healthcare for all. CASA in Action candidate endorsements include leaders with immigrant heritage from: El Salvador (Amaya, Ramirez); the Dominican Republic (Perez, Taveras); Honduras (Brooks); India and Pakistan (Ali); Jamaica and Switzerland (Brown); Liberia and Nigeria (Blegay); Mexico (Stevenson); Nicaragua (Solis); Senegal (Endow);  Puerto Rico (Martinez); Sierra Leone (Barrie); South Africa (Edelson); Uruguay (Vogel), and Venezuela and Dominican Republic (Fani-Gonzalez). They join amazing immigrant heritage incumbents from Korea, Ecuador, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, and more. CASA in Action’s Board of Directors reviewed voting history, responses to issue questionnaires, history with the organization and its members, and electoral viability in making decisions.

“Every election cycle our members focus squarely on electing leaders who will fight for their families and represent the beautiful diversity of Maryland,” said Gustavo Torres, CASA in Action President.  “The candidates that we endorsed are the thought leaders and changemakers that share our values of respect for all Marylanders.” 

CASA in Action is proud to announce the endorsements of:

Montgomery County 

At-Large – Will Jawando, Evan Glass, Gabe Albornoz, Brandy Brooks

District 2 – Will Roberts

District 4 – Kate Stewart

District 5 – Fatmata Barrie

District 6 – Natali Fani-Gonzalez (previously announced)

District 7 – Dawn Luedtke

State’s Attorney – Perry Paylor


Prince George’s County 

District 1 – Tom Dernoga

District 2 – Victor Ramirez

District 3- Eric Olson

District 5 – Jolene Ivey

District 6 – Wala Blegay (previously announced)

District 7 – Krystal Oriadha

State’s Attorney – Aisha Braveboy


Central Maryland 

Baltimore County

County Executive – Johnny Olszewski

District 2 – Izzy Patoka 

District 4 – Julian Jones

State’s Attorney – Robbie Leonard


Anne Arundel County

County Executive – Steuart Pittman


State Senate 

District 3 – Karen Lewis Young

District 11 – Shelly Hettleman

District 12 – Clarence Lam 

District 15 – Brian Feldman

District 16 – Susan Lee 

District 19 – Benjamin Kramer 

District 20 – Will Smith

District 39 – Nancy King

District 41 – Jill Carter

District 47 – Malcolm Augustine 


State Delegate 

District 10 – Ruben Amaya, Jennifer White 

District 11 – Jon Cardin, Dana Stein

District 12 – Jessica Feldmark

District 13 – Vanessa Atterbeary, Jen Terrasa

District 14 – Eric Luedtke, Pamela Queen, Anne Kaiser

District 15 – David Fraser Hidalgo, Saqib Ali 

District 16 – Marc Korman

District 17 – Julie Palakovich Carr, Joe Vogel

District 18 – Al Carr, Emily Shetty, Jared Solomon 

District 19 – Bonnie Cullison, Charlotte Crutchfield, Vaughn Stewart

District 20 – Lorig Charkoudian, David Moon, Jheannelle Wilkins 

District 21 – Joseline Peña-Melnyk, Mary Lehman

District 22 – Nicole Williams, Ashanti Martinez

District 24 – Alexis Solis, Christopher Stevenson, LaTasha R. Ward

District 26 – Kris Valderrama 

District 27B – Rachel Jones

District 30A – Shaneka Henson

District 39 – Gabriel Acevero, Lesley Lopez, Kirill Reznik

District 40 – Melissa Wells

District 41 – Sandy Rosenberg

District 42A – Cathi Forbes

District 43 – Regina Boyce, Logan Endow

District 44B – Sheila Ruth, Aletheia McCaskill 

District 45 – Stephanie Smith

District 46 – Luke Clippinger, Robbyn Lewis, Mark Edelson

District 47A – Julian Ivey

District 47B – Deni Taveras


CASA in Action previously announced endorsements of Tom Perez for Governor, Anthony Brown for Attorney General, and Brooke Lierman for Comptroller.