CASA in Action and Qasim Rashid Launch Final Latino Voter Mobilization Weekend

Qaism Rashid and CASA in Action talk to Latino Voters through door-knocking to ‘get out the vote’

Manassas, VA — Electoral organization fighting for immigrant and Latino rights CASA in Action and Congressional Nominee Qasim Rashid rally the immigrant and Latino vote in Manassas and launch a final canvassing push to ‘get out the vote’ in the Latino community. The canvassing team will launch a final weekend of door-knocking and ‘literature drops’ to engage Virginia voters. Volunteers, activists, and organizers will converge on Manassas to participate in the voter mobilization, door-knocking, and ‘literature drops.’

CASA in Action Latino ‘Get out the Vote’ voter mobilization weekend with Qasim Rashid. CASA in Action, Qasim Rashid and volunteers engage in door-knocking and ‘literature drops.’

Saturday, October 31, 10:00 am

West Gate Elementary School, 8031 Urbanna Rd, Manassas, VA 20109, USA
This event will take place entirely outside.

Congressional Nominee Qasim Rashid, CASA in Action, CASA in Action Members

The canvassing campaign will work in teams of 2-3 people throughout Manassas neighborhoods. Teams will engage voters in Spanish and English.

As with all of CASA in Action’s events, this event is COVID-safe. Masks are required and must cover the nose and mouth. Hand sanitizer will be available. All must practice the social distancing policy, keeping six feet of distance from others.

For more information on the actions, please contact Jenna DeFosse, [email protected], 301-717-4492


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