Driving Voter Turnout, CASA in Action Heads Largest Campaign Ever

While CASA in Action's full report is processed, check out the sights and sounds of the unprecedented four-state campaign.

CASA in Action waged the largest political campaigns in the organization’s history, with 179,410 total knocks with 179 canvassers across Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. CASA in Action adopted a layered strategy to reach 120,655 voters, including 30 million impressions in TV, radio, and digital ads, along with canvassing, mailers, robocalls, texts and events.

A win! The largest political campaign in org history, @CASAinAction engaged 275K voters with 179 canvassers adopting a layered strategy with 30 million impressions in TV, radio, & digital ads across Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, & Maryland.

CASA in Action’s voter empowerment campaign led 120,655 unique engagements with low-propensity voters in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland.

Making 30,061 calls,

knocking on 82,618 voter doors

and sending 55,394 texts.

Running Spanish-language and hip hop radio stations with reach of 876,700

Adding together the digital ads for a total reach of 29,982,730

CASA in Action PAC raised more than $2.25 million for the 2022 general election cycle.

That overall sum included nearly $80,000 from individual contributions under $500.

Progressive Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, CASA in Action mobilized an impressive squadron of more than 80 canvassers, who knocked on a total of 54,566 doors across York, Lancaster, Dauphin, and Chester Counties since the program launched in September. The team’s record-breaking performance on the ground was augmented by over 27,000 pieces of persuasion and “get out the vote” (GOTV) door literature; more than 30,000 pieces of a series of three issues-oriented mailers; digital ads that delivered more than 1.7 million impressions; radio ads in Spanish and English with an estimated 410,000 impressions across four counties, TV ads, and more.

Pennsylvania Video Ads Running on Pre-Roll, OTT

The CASA in Action mailer series focused messaging for Black and Latino men and a second series for Black and Latina women.

The Great State of Georgia

In Georgia’s critical elections, CASA in Action knocked on a total 45,621 doors in Henry, Clayton, Fulton, and DeKalb Counties, reminding voters of the power and consequence of their vote in a state with a legacy of voter suppression tactics. The organization delivered more than 28,000 pieces of door literature; over 737,000 digital ad impressions; three mailers geared toward Black and Latino men and women with more than 20,000 recipients. Also Georgia recruited 268 volunteers through its robust relational organizing program, which encouraged voters to mobilize their friends and family to vote with more than 50K text messages.

Georgia Video Ads Running on Pre-Roll, OTT

The CASA in Action mailer series focused messaging for Black and Latino men and a second series for Black and Latina women.

A Voters' Victory in Virginia

Virginia’s electoral program aimed to defend a hotly contested seat in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, where anti-immigrant Republican Yesli Vega sought to unseat Rep. Abigail Spanberger. The PAC also sought to re-elect Rep. Elaine Luria for the 2nd Congressional District in Virginia Beach. The canvassing teams knocked a total 55,281 doors in both districts, proving instrumental in the contests there. The team’s efforts there were bolstered by more than 17,000 pieces of literature; more than 32,000 mailers; over 762,000 impressions from digital ads, Spanish and English radio ads earning an estimated 420,000 impressions, an array of TV ads and traditional ads.

Joined by elected officials and CASA in Action members, the organization released a letter in Spanish addressed to the 7th District’s Salvadoran community that explained why Republican candidate Yesli Vega is unfit to represent them. Vega’s family emigrated from El Salvador, but Vega herself has a history of opposing the immigrant community’s policy priorities. She has been a staunch supporter of the 287(g) program, which allows local law enforcement to refer undocumented people to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation. The letter was published in two major Latino newspapers: Washington Hispanic and El Tiempo Latino.

Virginia Video Ads Running on Pre-Roll, OTT

Mailers and Digital Ads Running in Virginia

The Movement in Maryland

And in Maryland, CASA in Action PAC supported Wes Moore for Governor over insurrectionist Republican candidate Dan Cox, as well as Anthony Brown for Attorney General, Brooke Lierman for Comptroller, and Steuart Pittman for Anne Arundel County Executive, among others. The primary theaters of operations included immigrant-rich Montgomery County, where sister organization CASA has maintained a presence for decades; and Anne Arundel County, where Steuart Pittman – a dedicated ally of the immigrant community – faced a difficult reelection campaign. The PAC’s team of influencers knocked on a total 21,851 doors in both counties. Maryland’s field team was also supported by roughly 20,000 pieces of door literature, more than 7,000 mailers, video, radio, and organic ads supporting Wes Moore and Steuart Pittman, over 500,000 digital ad impressions.

Maryland Video Ads Running on Pre-Roll, OTT

Display Ad Series

CASA in Action's Most Ambitious Program

The PAC’s integration of field and communications work was one of its marquee achievements during this campaign cycle. In highly contested seats, including Spanberger’s in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, messaging amplified the issues that voters identified as being most important at their doors: in this district, immigration, economic relief, inflation, and so on.

CASA in Action PAC’s strategy aimed to empower voters in communities of color across these states with an outlook toward protecting democracy and defending these communities’ rights and freedoms. As CASA in Action Executive Director Alonzo Washington said, the campaigns intended to remind voters of what they can accomplish, “when they keep fighting for the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Everyone who cherishes democracy in Georgia owes our field and communications teams a debt of gratitude.”