Kamala Harris Holds a Winning Ticket

With the historic nomination of Kamala Harris as vice president, the top of the ticket is now settled, and we’re ready to WIN. November’s election is critical for our Latino, Black, and immigrant communities. We are sure that Harris, daughter of immigrants with extensive experience in public service, is the right leader who will fight for social and economic justice for all working families, regardless of their country of origin, the color of their skin, or their immigration status.

Now is the time. We cannot afford to wait. We must defeat Trump and the Republican party in 2020. CASA in Action has the people power, the experience, and the expertise to mobilize tens of thousands of voters in Pennsylvania and Virginia – the only thing missing is you.

We need your vote, but our votes alone are just one voice. Together, we can multiply our voices by mobilizing tens of thousands of first time and infrequent voters that Trump and his cronies are actively trying to suppress. Why? Because they know what we know: Latino and immigrant voters can decide the outcome of this election, and CASA in Action PAC is already on phones and in the field making it happen. 

We all know what’s at stake. The only thing equal to the cost of failure of our campaign is the new horizons for justice we can open with our success. So much hangs on this election, and CASA in Action PAC is going to win with your help. Donate today. Every dollar brings us closer to taking back our democracy and winning justice for our immigrant brothers and sisters.