How to Vote in Pennsylvania

Important Deadlines

October 19
VR Deadline; Last day County Board of Elections can receive mailed signed voter registration applications
October 27
VBM/Absentee Ballot request Deadline (by 5pm)
November 3
Election Day – Polls open 7am to 8pm. Completed VBM/Absentee Ballots returned by 8pm

How do I register to vote in Pennsylvania?

You can register to vote online using Pennsylvania’s Voter Registration Page. Make sure that you have your PA driver’s license or ID available as you complete the application, it will come in handy!

Once you submit your online application, it will go to the appropriate county voter registration office for processing. You can check the status of the ballot online using this website.

If your voter registration card does not come in the mail within 14 days, contact your county voter registration office. You can look up your county’s office here.

When is the deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania?

October 19, 2020, is the last day to register before the November 3, 2020, general election.

How do I request an absentee ballot?

You can register for the Absentee Ballot on this page. You will need to have your PA driver’s license or ID available as you complete the application.

I have moved recently or missed an election, how do I make sure I receive a ballot?

The State of Pennsylvania will mail your ballot to the most recent address that you provided when you registered to vote. You can check if your voter registration info is accurate using Pennsylvania’s Voter Registration Page.

I want to register to vote but I speak/understand Spanish better than English; do I have any options?

Every website related to the Pennsylvania Elections process has an English/Spanish button that switches the language on the page back and forth! This means that all the electronic forms are in both languages, and you can use whichever language works best for you.

Quiero registrarme para votar, pero entiendo español mejor que inglés - ¿qué puedo hacer?

Cada sitio que pertenece a las elecciones de Pennsylvania tiene un botón que cambia el lenguaje de inglés a español, asi que puede cambiar entre los dos lenguajes y usar el que usted prefiere. Todas las formas, incluyendo la forma para registrarse para votar, estarán en los dos lenguajes.

I haven't received my ballot in the mail and the election is getting closer! What do I do?

You can follow up with your County Board of Elections to ask about the status of your ballot. You can find the contact information for who to reach out to here.

Where is my polling place?

You can look up your local polling place using the polling Place Search tool here. You’ll need to put in your county, city and street name to find which polling place is closest to you.

How do I know if my vote was counted?

Once you have voted, you can check the status of your ballot online! Use the Pennsylvania Election Ballot Status page to track whether your ballot was counted.