How to Vote in Maryland

Important Deadlines

October 22
Early Voting Starts (8am to 8pm)
October 27
Deadline to request Absentee Ballot if person wants to receive ballot by mail or fax
October 29
Last Day for Early Voting (8am to 8pm)
October 30
Deadline to request Absentee Ballot electronically by downloading ballot from the State’s website
November 3
Election Day. Polling sites open at 7 am until 8 pm

How do I register to vote in Maryland, or request an absentee ballot?

The State Board of Elections has a VOTER REGISTRATION link where people can register to vote. You will have to have your state ID/license available to register, otherwise your application will not be able to be completed. You can also request an absentee ballot through that same website!

When is the deadline to register to vote in Maryland?

The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, October 13, 2020. If you are using Maryland’s Online Voter Registration System (OLVR), you have until 9:00pm to submit your application! You can register here.

I have moved recently or missed an election, how do I make sure I receive a ballot?

Ballots will be mailed only to active voters, using the address on file with the Board of Elections. If a mailing from the Board of Elections was returned because you had moved or were temporarily at another address and you have missed voting in the past 4 years, you may have been placed on the inactive voter list. You will not be sent a ballot unless you notify the Board of Elections of your current address.


You can verify your voter registration on the State Board of Elections website here.


Use the same website to update your address if it is not correct.


If you are temporarily staying at another location and would like your ballot sent there, you should request an absentee ballot – you can do this on the State Board of Elections website here.


If you do not receive your ballot when other voters do, you should apply for an absentee ballot on the State Board of Elections website here.

How do I request my ballot electronically?

You can request an electronic ballot from your local Board of Elections. If you’re registering to vote for the first time you can request to receive it electronically as well.

Find your local the Board of Elections and their email here.

Quiero registrarme para votar, pero entiendo español mejor que inglés - ¿qué puedo hacer?

The form to register to vote has a button to translate between English and Spanish: click here.

I haven't received my ballot in the mail and the election is getting closer! What do I do?

If you haven’t received your ballot yet, you can reach out to the Maryland State Board of Elections or contact your local Board of Elections! They can follow up with you via email status regarding the status of your electronic ballot or mailed ballot.

Find your local the Board of Elections and their contact information here.

Where is my polling place?

You can find your polling place by checking the Maryland Polling Place Search here.

How do I know if my vote was counted?

You can look up the status of your ballot using Maryland’s Voter Lookup site! You can access it here. You can also use that same website to:

Review your voter registration record.

Find out where to vote.

Find your voting districts

Find your local board of elections.

See the status of your absentee or provisional ballot.

View your sample ballot.