York, PA–CASA, a powerhouse dedicated to advocating for the rights of immigrant, Black, and brown communities, joined together today to launch the final push for National Voter Registration Canvassing before the late October deadline. CASA’s voter registration canvassers include new citizens, first time voters, and canvassers who are not eligible to vote. Discussing their personal experiences with voting, the importance of immigrants to register to vote, and their shared hopes and concerns of the electoral process in America.

Rosemary Cintron, CASA Voter Engagement Manager PA, said, “The work that we do at CASA is vital, we provide credible sources that our communities trust while being representative of the diversity in our country and we are willing to provide resources with information in any language community members prefer.”

Jasmin Frias, CASA Voter Registration Canvasser, said, “The work that CASA is doing in the community to engage voters is empowering. As a Pennsylvania resident, not eligible to vote, I’m happy to register others to vote. I want to encourage and inspire new citizens to register to vote. It’s important for our community. I can’t wait until I am able to vote in this country and make a difference in my community.”

Monica Luna Nunez, Colombian Immigrant, Newly Registered Voter, said, “Policy makers use the immigrant community to get votes then forget about us after they get our vote. It is important we mobilize, participate in elections that affect us and continue to hold policy makers accountable.”

Noelia Veloz, CASA Canvasser in Dauphin County, Immigrant Law Student, said, “I want the Latino community to feel more empowered, I want us to disarm the myth that we cannot make a difference. I want us to start being responsible for our own destiny, and take charge of our own communities. It is our duty to vote to make changes in the communities we live in, we must start honoring our right to Democracy in this country.”


This canvass kickoff is part of CASA’s 501C3 voter registration program in Pennsylvania. With a team of over 20 canvassers and coordinators, CASA has provided voter registration services in multiple languages in Dauphin, Lancaster, and York Counties, since July. The program is in-person voter engagement, including bilingual voting assistance, updating voter information, and first voters seeking to sign up for registration.