CASA in Action Condemns ICE Raids Ahead of Elections

“Trump is scared of immigrant voters”

Washington, DC – CASA in Action President Gustavo Torres condemns the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announcement to terrorize immigrant families, especially in sanctuary jurisdictions, weeks before the elections.

“Violating the sanctity of sanctuary jurisdictions in battleground states like Pennsylvania is not part of ‘routine operations.’ This is clearly a political move from the Trump administration, bent on scaring immigrants. His actions make transparent his thoughts: Trump himself is scared of immigrants exercising their right to vote. The reign of terror imposed on mixed status families ahead of the elections is intended to keep immigrant voters home. Resorting to nasty tricks like scaring and separating families shows utter desperation. With his defeat on the horizon, we believe in a brighter tomorrow with a new administration in the White House. That is our motivation to cast our ballots and make our voices heard.”

CASA in Action has mobilized voters, with over 469,000 calls, 304,000 texts, and 18,000 doors knocked in Pennsylvania and Virginia.



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