Body Bags on Trump’s Lawn

WATCH: CASA leaders, alongside our partners, demonstrating outside of Trump Tower in D.C.

Body bags. That is where President Trump is leading working-class and immigrant families when his administration creates policies that exclude and punish them.

Yesterday, CASA leaders protested in front of Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. to demand that the President and Congress move quickly on real, meaningful aid to families and protections for essential workers and elections. Together with our partners at the Center for Popular Democracy, Indivisible, National Domestic Workers’ Alliance, MoveOn, and other progressive organizations, we laid out body bags to symbolize the death and destruction that this neglect will lead to.

President Trump and his allies have refused to take federal action to support working-class people and immigrants through policies such as canceling rent and adequately support small businesses, providing sufficient cash assistance, and ensuring testing and healthcare for everyone. Millions of families continue to be left out from receiving cash assistance simply because they are part of a mixed-status family. This is all on purpose, and Trump and his allies will continue to attack our communities unless we stand up and fight back.

Together with your support, we will continue raising our voices and fighting for an adequate and meaningful response from our elected officials. Congress needs to act and protect immigrant and working-class families, and with your support we will spur them into action.