2022 Post Election Report


Post Election Report

A message from our President


This election was supposed to be a disaster for our communities. Parties in power lose a massive number of seats in their first midterms. That truism held true in 2018, when under the leadership of one of the worst presidents of modern times, the GOP lost forty seats in the House.

Something similar was supposed to happen in this election–but it didn’t. Instead, 2022 was a massive victory for CASA in Action and our communities! We didn’t win every contest, but it is clear that the Democratic Party–right now the only party in America which represents the interests of CASA in Action’s members–averted a major threat to our communities. Their loss of the House may have been inevitable, but ultimately they suffered a mere defeat where there should have been a death.

How did this happen? The Democrats didn’t do it by themselves. CASA in Action’s core communities of Black, brown, Latino, working-class, and immigrant people turned out for their own priorities. The hard work of an uncountable number of activists, organizers, and institutions like CASA in Action paid off. Thanks to allies like yourself, CASA in Action was able to simultaneously grow and sharpen our electoral operations, covering more states and reaching more voters than ever before. 2022 marked our first full-election operation in our core state of Georgia–and we are now fully poised to mount a major program in the run-off to hold Senator Warnock’s seat, right where we put him in the 2021 run-offs.

We were the ones waiting in line in Atlanta, we were the ones making calls in Harrisburg, we were the ones rallying in Baltimore, we were the ones with one last door we had to knock in the deep suburbs of Virginia. We were the ones who went to work so that the progressive movement in this country can live to fight another day. Our newly elected champions have credited us with this incredible victory, but we credit our unstoppable members and of course, you. Every ally, every supporter, every donor, every volunteer, every institutional funder who has fed our growing electoral machine should read what CASA in Action has done and feel not just proud–we should all feel emboldened.

There is much to do–we have a run-off to win, a majority to regrow, local offices to contest, Virginia 2023 right around the corner, and the collective political agenda of over 120,000 members to fight for.

But now there should be no doubt–when CASA in Action fights, we win.

In Solidarity,
Gustavo Torres
President, CASA in Action

Our Campaign By the Numbers

CASA in Action waged the largest political campaign in our history, making 179,410 total knocks by 179 canvassers happen across Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. CASA in Action adopted a layered strategy to reach 120,655 voters, including 30 million impressions through TV, radio, and digital ads, alongside our canvassing, mailers, robocalls, texts, and events. The result? Two confirmed US Senate seats with a third in the works, one US House seat, two Governorships, and several more state and local wins, potentially including flipping the Pennsylvania State House. We invite you to go deep on the data that made our programs so effective!

Our voters

CASA in Action targets mid- to low-propensity Black and Latino voters with the dual goals of mobilizing voters to win the election in the short term as an influential voting bloc and bringing those voters into our long-term organizing structure to build year-round power.Our voters represent the rising American electorate, and they turned out.


CASA in Action’s field program approached nearly 85,000 Latino voters this cycle


75% of all voters contacted identified as a race other than white


Black and Latino voters constituted 70% of CASA in Action’s voter contacts across our four states, with Georgia being the most heavy focus with 86% of such voters.


Reflecting our research on the household vote multiplying effect of mobilizing Latina and Black women voters, our outreach focused on women slightly more than men–over 55% of the voters CASA in Action engaged were women.

Our Overall Field Programs
Attempts Canvassed
PA State Total 92,159 15,096
VA State Total 97,029 13,512
GA State Total 61,060 5,569
MD State Total 30,832 3,295
All programs, Total 281,080 37,472
Our Overall Communications program
Digital Ads 11,799,706 3,329,033 7,002,706 2,171,791 24,303,236
YouTube 1,316,182 500,796 2,985,816 N/A 4,802,794
Radio 415,100 70,900 41,000 N/A 876,700
Total 13,530,988 3,900,729 10,029,522 2,171,791 29,982,730

The PAC’s integration of field and communications work was one of its marquee achievements during this campaign cycle. In highly contested seats, including Spanberger’s in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, messaging amplified the issues that canvassed voters identified as most important to them, such as immigration, economic relief, and inflation.

Our Impact

While complete assessment of our program’s impact will have to wait for the release of updated voter files in a few months, we can glean some insight into just how powerful our work was by examining voter performance over several cycles in counties CASA in Action is active in. CASA in Action can’t claim all responsibility for these shifts, but we know that our work made a huge impact.

The numbers bear that out. As shown in the table below, CASA in Action improved Democratic vote-share in 9 out of 12 counties we worked in compared to 2020, and in 10 out of 12 compared to 2018. What’s more–this was no small shift–on average, CASA in Action counties increased Democratic vote-share by more than 2.5% compared to 2020 and by a whopping 4.2% versus 2018. Nowhere was this effect more pronounced than in York County, PA which saw a nearly 12% swing in favor of Democratic candidates since 2020. All of this took place in four states where overall Democratic vote-share actually decreased slightly compared to 2020–an average drop of 2.24%. That is, CASA in Action counties voted bluer while the states they are in went redder. In states like Pennsylvania and Georgia where margins are razor thin, these small percentage-point movements represent seismic shifts in the political landscape. CASA in Action is proud for its part in organizing this much-needed shake-up.


more than 2.5% increase in Democratic-share compared to 2020


4.2% increase in Democratic-share compared to 2018

CASA in Action’s strategic aim was to empower voters in communities of color across these states with an outlook toward protecting democracy and defending these communities’ rights and freedoms. As CASA in Action President Gustavo Torres said, the four-state campaign was intended to remind voters of “what they can accomplish when they keep fighting for the promise of a brighter tomorrow.”

State County 2022 County
D Vote share
(top of ticket)
County v County
2022 v 2020
County v County
2022 v 2018
Pennsylvania Chester 60.72 3.12 -0.58
Pennsylvania Dauphin 59.81 6.41 0.81
Pennsylvania Lancaster 48.15 6.95 0.65
Pennsylvania York 48.94 11.99 4.34
Virginia Prince William 67.72 5.12 2.62
Virginia Virginia Beach 49.75 -1.85 -4.55
Georgia Clayton 87 2.1 -0.8
Georgia Fulton 74 1.4 1.7
Georgia Henry 64 4.3 6.7
Georgia DeKalb 84 0.9 0.5
Maryland Anne Arundel 49.7 -6.1 19.4
Maryland Montgomery 74.8 -3.8 19.9
Totals (avg) 2.5 4.22

State Results

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