CASA in Action: Virginia Brimming with Opportunities as Voters Close Polls

2 November 2021, Richmond, Virginia – As the Commonwealth awaits the outcomes from the poll booths, CASA in Action celebrates its 21 canvassers who, with volunteers and staff will have, knocked on 69,200 doors by the end of Election Day. Through door knocking, phone calling, and digital engagement, CASA in Action has a proven track record of mobilizing Latinos, immigrants, African Americans, independents and new or infrequent voters in the target areas of Prince William and Fairfax Counties as well as the Virginia Beach metro area.

“We have seen how the ghost of Trump is alive and well in communities of color, haunting Latina and Black voters and non-voters alike. Yet this multiracial, multigenerational coalition has led us to policy wins before and can take us to victory at the poll booths once again,” said CASA in Action Executive Director Alonzo Washington. “We carried out our work in Virginia because we are led by the voices of courageous Black and brown community leaders who have a new vision for Virginia – a future where equitable recovery from COVID-19, good union jobs and economic opportunities for all families, and safe and affordable housing can be achieved. We have an opportunity not only to deepen and expand the gains we’ve made in recent years, but also to capitalize on the political and demographic transformation of the state. Voters this week will tell us where Virginia is headed.”

CASA in Action’s traditional strength has always been our exceptional door canvass work, engaging with 15,465 voters, led by the canvassing team that just secured the momentous 2020 electoral victories. Canvassers married the in-person engagement with printed door literature, with voters receiving at least two rounds of lit for a total of 69,030 printed pieces. 

Kasheema Garrick is on the right.

That work was driven by canvassers like Kasheema Garrick, a 25-year old Virginia Beach resident. A deep believer that change is possible, Kasheema was so inspired by working on the election that she joined together with friends and her sister to make it happen. As someone who provides in-home childcare, she knows the Democrats are working hard to make sure that the care economy is real – that workers are paid enough and families have the support they need.

“Last Friday, I was able to convince a teacher who spends her own money to buy basic supplies for the classroom that we need the Democrats in office to make transformational investments in education,” said Ms. Garrick. “I’m doing this work because I know that together we can really transform our communities to invest in people.”

Capitalizing on a significant investment in enhancing our digital capacity over the last 18 months, CASA in Action now boasts the largest, most experienced, most talented team in our history. With this significantly increased capacity, the team fully integrated messaging and media with our door program to take a truly holistic approach to voter engagement with more than 5 million impressions from targeted digital ads and earned media approaches. The organic posts featured canvasser-produced content right from doors.

“These victories have already resulted in tangible state-level gains for CASA in Action’s members and the broader immigrant and working class communities,” closed Estela Esquivel, CASA in Action Member. “From drivers’ cards for all, growing minimum wage, increased resources for ESL language instruction in schools, and tuition equity for families, we have seen the power of our community when we stand together and vote for champions that will fight for us in Richmond.”

CASA in Action, along with our allies, has been helping to organize the powerful “blue wave” that has swept Virginia over the last five years, including the massive 2019 victory that saw Democrats seize a governing trifecta in the state for the first time since the early 90’s. 

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