York, PA Elections

YORK, PA (TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2017) – CASA in Action announced endorsements of a group of local candidates who are committed to improving life for Latino and immigrant families.

The immigrant rights organization endorsed:

C. Kim Bracey for Mayor of York
Anne Juarez Clark
Henry Hay Nixon

Judy Ritter Dickson for York City Council.

Last November, CASA in Action knocked on over 50,000 doors in south Central PA to urge Latino voters to get out and vote for progressive candidates, including Carol Hill Evans, who won her race to represent York and the 95th district in the PA House of Representatives.

“Latinos and other immigrants play a critical role in the local economy in York,” said Gustavo Torres, president of CASA in Action, “These local candidates will be in critical decision making positions to ensure that York is a welcoming city for immigrants, and the full diversity and economic potential of all of its residents. That is why these true progressives will be heroes to our members.”

York has played a critical role in the region amidst national and statewide debate on immigration. In 2015 under Mayor Bracey, York joined the national Welcoming Cities network, and became one of the leading smaller cities in national conversations, lifting up the critical importance of immigrant and Latino families in revitalizing post-industrial cities across the country.

“Right now we hear so much hate towards Latinos and immigrants at the national level,” said CASA in Action board member Leobigilda Castro, “I would be proud to have these candidates representing me and my family, and appreciate their commitment to making York a place where Latino families can thrive.”

In the final stretch before the election, CASA in Action will be reaching out to York’s Latino voters and urging them to get to the polls.