CASA in Action Enthusiastically Endorse Tom Perez for DNC Chair

WASHINGTON D.C. (January 31, 2017) _ CASA in Action is enthusiastically endorsing Tom Perez in his bid to head the Democratic National Committee for his extensive work to safeguard the Latino and immigrant community and for courageously standing up for the values of inclusion and opportunity that are part of this organization.

“Tom has been a one of our strongest supporters for years,” said CASA in Action’s President. “He has stood on the right side of issues at all levels and has shown tremendous strength when it comes to standing up for his beliefs.”

Perez was the President of CASA in Action from 2001-2002 during a period when CASA and CASA in Action raised their profile and grew our membership two-fold. He also supported CASA initiatives while he served in the Montgomery County Council passing measures to restrict predatory lending and introducing an initiative to provide affordable prescription drugs.

He has shown, through his work with this organization as well as his elected and appointed positions, that he is a strong organizer and a leader with a plan.

“We have to make a better case about our vision. We have to say, ‘here is that is happening to you and here is why’,” Perez said. “When people understand our values, our values of inclusion and opportunity, people will support us. Hope trumps fear.”

His work inside the Obama Administration demonstrates his commitment to police accountability and voting rights, which are also a part of CASA’s core tenets.

We think his focus on a national grass-roots approach to growing the party, the kind of organizing work that CASA and CASA in Action do all year long, will prove a successful strategy.

“His leadership was important in growing our organization,” Torres said. “We think he has the vision to succeed.”

Perez has also been backed by the United Food and Commercial Workers, the United Farm Workers, and the International Association of Fire Fighters, and the Democratic governors of Colorado, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Virginia.



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